Controlling fleas

Gary: On this episode of Lawn and Garden we're talking about controlling fleas with the help of Rosco down here and it's a big problem around this time of the year, we need to protect indoors and outdoors John says.

John: Yeah, the way to do it is indoors, outdoors and also the animal if you really want to get rid of it. I have several products here. This indoor/outdoor is for inside, you can spray your carpets and you can actually spray your animal with it also. The we have the collars, we have the Frontline or the Advantage that you give it to them once a month, we also have the spray that you apply once a month, just like the collars. 

We also have this new collar that you put on your dog and you're good for longer than a month. All of those things work real good with your spraying. Indoors you want to spray at least once a week or so.

For outdoors I have the bug blaster which is a granule if that is easier for you to put out and then we have the 38 plus which is at the end here. To spray in your hose-in sprayer and you want to spray at least once a week while you're having a problem, if you wait too long then you'll have to spray twice a week and then after, once a week, and then every two weeks, then you can go to once a month.

Also you'll be controlling mosquitoes and things like that. All these products work well, you just have to do it and you won't have fleas.

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