From Lafayette to Africa

While most kids prepared for their first day back in school, a group of people from Lafayette are preparing to build schools in Africa. Eleven members from Our Savior's Church will travel to Malawi next month. They will visit 21 villages and along the way help build a school.

Currently, hundreds of children gather around a large tree, which protects them from the sun, and are taught by grandmothers or go go's as they are known in Africa. According to one member involved with that trip Michelle Aranza many of the kids are orphans who turn to the go,go's for guidance.

The orphan's parents have died due to the Aid's epidemic in that country. But without a proper facility it makes it very difficult to teach them. Both children and the go,go's have been united with common goal of bettering their country. That group leaves September 1-11.

If you would like to help this group in anyway, you can visit their website at or call (337) 839-8889. Donations are always accepted.

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