LUS considers power plant alternative

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Lafayette Utilities Systems Director Terry Huval says the Doc Bonin Power Plant has been in Lafayette since 1961. What's nice is that it's paid for, but it's also outdated. 

“There's a lot of work we have to keep doing with it. It also requires the type of technical expertise to operate it that we are not just able to attract,” says Huval.

Huval explained to the council that with the change in the transmission industry there may be an opportunity to buy power at a cheaper price; for the city of Lafayette and for customers. Huval  would like to see something in place before the summer of next summer. 

“No decision has been made yet, but it's always wise to advise the council because of all the things with LUS reducing power is that which has the biggest cost impact for our customers.”

Huval says that's ultimately what it's about. If the Doc Bonin Power Plant is no longer economical, then it's considered less efficient. “Based on some initial indications that we have, we think there might be some very good alternatives to operating the Bonin plant next year,” says Huval.


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