Boustany aids in search for missing Danielle Wright

New findings in the search for missing Lafayette girl, Danielle Wright and the crew aboard the Nina have gotten the attention of one elected official. With his help, the State Department may get involved in the search.

With extensive search efforts by the New Zealand Rescue Center, they have yet to find any sign of the Nina. But, with a recent find by a concerned citizen using satellite imagery, Ricky Wright, the father of Danielle Wright who is among those lost at sea, believes that it is time for the united states to step in.

“New Zealand has already invested 8-10 days of searching for six Americans on an American boat. and it's time or the US to get involved in it.” said Wright.

With Congressman Charles Boustany's office working very closely with the State Department in this case, we could see US involvement in the near future.

“And we're very encouraged by this new satellite imagery and we have pushed him for the State Department to push the New Zealand Government to investigate this working with Equusearch. And my understanding is that the New Zealand coast guard is cooperating now, in light of this new evidence,” said Boustany.

The Congressman assures us that he will be diligent in getting the State Department's participation in the search.

“I'm going to follow this closely. We're going to keep the pressure on because, you know, we're all hopeful and we want to do everything we possibly can to try and guarantee her safe return and the others as well.” said Boustany.

With Congressman Boustany pushing the State Department to press the New Zealand Government, there is still hope the to find the Nina and her crew.

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