Arnaudville residents petition to oust police chief

Residents in Arnaudville are not holding back their feelings about Police Chief Richard Mizzi. And there's a recall petition to prove it. At a town hall meeting Tuesday night, hundreds signed a petition intended to force a special election that could determine if Chief Mizzi keeps his job or not.

Many feel the police department is not up to par and change needs to happen. Supporters like Mary Lee LeGrange say it's nothing personal, it's just time for change.

“No, he's just not doing his job,” said LeGrange. “And most of the time, we don't even have police protection in this town. Night before last, there was nobody patrolling the streets.”

And LeGrange isn't the only one voicing that sentiment.

“There have been several complaints throughout here. My sister had a gun pulled on her and the police did nothing,” said resident Jamie Huval. “He doesn't go to a single town meeting. He hasn't been in almost a year and a half.”

Huval was born and raised in Arnaudville and now the 24-year-old is leading the petition efforts. And this isn't the first time residents have been outspoken about their dissatisfaction. However, this time around, they're much closer to having everything they need to actually create change. 40% of the town's active registered voters must sign in order to successfully force the chief out of office. Huval says right now, they're on course.

“We are more than halfway through our signatures. My goal is 320. We have to have 291, but my goal is 320,” said Huval.

News 10 tried to contact Mizzi several times. However he was unavailable for comment.

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