Lafayette Council approves lawsuit settlement

It's a done deal. The Lafayette City-Parish council agreed to settle the Broussard water dispute. The lawsuit agreement approved by the council settles not just a financial matter it also settles a working relationship.

LCG President Joey Durel says he's happy to see the settlement come to pass. “All families have their little tiffs and they're misunderstandings. They have their reality checks.  They work through it and they come back together and move on as a family and that's what we're going to do.”

The council's vote Tuesday refunds Broussard a portion of an $825,000 water bill. LCG Attorney Mike Hebert further explained to the council what the settlement entails. “The city will adjust the water bill to the City of Broussard or refund it in the amount of approximately $275,000.”

Another agreement is the council's perspective on what should happen next. Councilmen Kevin Naquin and Donald Bertrand share an opinion. “I think we need to move on now and get back and redevelop our relationship with our friends in Broussard,” says Bertrand.

“Just moving Lafayette forward and working with the surrounding municipalities; and Broussard is one of them. We need to be a team. It's a good time,” adds Naquin.

Broussard spokesperson Amy Jones says Broussard is ready to move forward as well. “Very relieved that this entire situation has been resolved; put this in the past and move forward working as neighbors to continue to focus on growth for the parish,” explains Jones.

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