Quincy Richard found guilty of bribery

Day two of the federal government's case against embattled St. Landry Parish School board member Quincy Richard is now over.

Richard was found guilty on two counts of bribery and one count of conspiracy on Tuesday. The accusations came nearly a year ago when the FBI announced it had implicated Richard and then-fellow board member John Miller in a bribery scheme during a sting operation September 24th.

In their closing statement, federal prosecutors stated this was a case of “bribery, conspiracy, and selling votes for cash money.” And in the end, the jury unanimously agreed. St. Landry Parish School board member Quincy Richard was found guilty of trying to sell his vote for superintendent to the very man who was vying for the spot, former interim Joseph Cassimere.

Throughout the two day trial, the jury listened to video and audio and from several witnesses. Among them, Cassimere and John Miller. It all started during the Summer of 2012, when Cassimere said he was approached by the duo about the position. While they agreed he was fit for the job, Cassimere says Richard said “that position comes with a price.” Eventually they worked out a deal $5,000 a piece and they'd sway other board voters too.

That's when Cassimere sought help from the FBI who then aided in the sting and witnessed the deal first hand. During testimony, an FBI agent who confronted Richard during the sting says he admitted plans to use the bribe money on “new wheels and rims for his corvette.” The defense states the taped discussions were about securing the black vote and not about money. Neither parties would comment on Tuesday's proceedings.

Presiding federal judge, Richard Haik commended Cassimere for being a whistle blower. So why did he go to the FBI? Cassimere says he knew it was wrong and knew he couldn't live with himself if he didn't speak up.

Richard has to report to the probation office Wednesday morning. A sentencing date has not yet been set.

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