UL Lafayette campus comes alive

It's bittersweet for first time freshman moving into dorms at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Residence hall check-in officially began on Wednesday, August 21st and will continue until Friday, August 23rd. Officials expect to see over 3,000 new students moving out on their own.

“We've check in 1,400 students already and we have 1,600 more students to check in the next three days. Very busy day(s) on campus,” said Lisa Luguette Landry, Director of University Housing.

Over 300 student volunteers helped students like Diamond Kenzie, haul their lives into their new homes. “It's bittersweet,” said Kenzie, “cause now I know I'm going to be taking care of myself but I'm excited.”

Mandeville natives and new roommates Caitlyn Masson and Drew Minchen said dorm life was the best way to experience college. “I think it's a real good way to meet people and know your surroundings a lot better. You're more apart of school and apart of the campus,” they said.

Campus police warn that unless there is urgent business on campus, it might be better to stay off busy streets like Taft, Hebrard, Rex, St. Mary and Tulane. “We just want people to know that these areas are going to be heavily congested. We ask that you either avoid the area and if you still have to be in the area, expect long delays,” said Sergeant Billy Abrams with UL police.

Once the stress of check-in is over, students can enjoy Welcome Week, which begins on Monday, August 26th, the first day of classes.

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