3 arrested, over 60 guns recovered in multiple agency investigation

Authorities from several agencies in Acadiana have arrested three people and recovered a large amount of stolen property Thursday.

More than 60 guns, jewelry, electronics and other items were believed to have been stolen in daytime residential burglaries in several parishes. Agencies in Acadia, Lafayette and Vermilion Parish worked together to arrest three people.

Acadia Parish deputies responded to a residential burglary on Wednesday. Witnesses gave a vehicle description and a license plate number of the vehicle which was later found in Lafayette Parish.

The same car also was involved in an attempted burglary in Vermilion Parish a week earlier. Authorities identified to suspect as Jerome Thibodeaux. Authorities later identified a second suspect as Damien Schexnayder.

As the investigation continued it was determined the two suspects had sold a stolen gun from Acadia Parish to Jack Leblanc. A search warrant was then issued for the property in Scott.

Damien Schexnayder of Rayne was arrested for an outstanding out of state warrant.

Jerome Thibodeaux of Maurice is being held for the burglary in Acadia Parish.

Jack Leblanc of Scott has been booked for possessing stolen property.

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