Acadia Parish homicide update

New information is coming to light in connection with this week's discovery of a Rayne woman found dead in her bath tub. Acadia Parish authorities identified the victim as 20-year-old Skylar Credeur.

A person of interest, identified as Kerry Bertrand, was reportedly found hiding in the attic of the same house where Credeur was found dead. He is currently in custody, but has yet to be charged in the young woman's death.

A dark cloud hangs over Victor Road, symbolic of what took place inside this family home.  Credeur was found dead in the bathtub Wednesday. The coroner says from drowning.

 But it was right after police cleaned up the crime scene, Credeur's uncle had a hunch and headed up to the attic.  And that's where a piece to the puzzle no one expected was found. Credeur's Aunt, Cathy Credeur was there to watch it unfold.

“He screwed the light bulb in so it would stay. He shined the light and he saw Kerry's face,” said Cathy, who says her husband and sons found Bertrand, who is also Credeur's step-father, hiding in the attic in a dark crawl space.

A Sheriff's deputy was still on the scene and ran back in after hearing what was going on inside. Moments later, Bertrand was arrested on a pre-existing warrant. Just days before the murder, Credeur filed for a restraining order against Bertrand.

It was a bizarre twist for a family already grieving the loss of their loved one.

“We're torn apart,” said Cathy. “They have four other kids.”

Deputies searched the home, but Cathy admits Bertrand was hard to see.

“The only thing you'd see back there is a big air conditioning unit. It's very small back there. You'd have to crawl because you can't stand up,” said Cathy.

 The Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office says it's an ongoing investigation.

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