Wright family not giving up on search

The families of all seven missing Nina crew members stood together in Texas Thursday, talking about future search efforts. It was an emotional morning, both before and after the press conference.

All the families of the seven crew members stood together, stood strong, and all had the same message; that they're not giving up. And with the help of Texas Equusearch, they're managing to hold on that hope.

Many of the families spoke of their family members. There was not a dry eye in the room. So, we got a better idea of all the individuals on board, including Lafayette's own, Danielle Wright.

There was a general consensus. They all agreed, everyone on board the Nina are survivors. And as a testament to survival, one man, John Glennie shared his story. He was lost at sea for 119 days and survived.

So, that was a hopeful message to the Wrights and the others that it is possible for the crew to be out there just waiting to be rescued. Thursday was not just a message of hope but also to reiterate that it takes resources, a lot of resources and technology to continue on with the search. The Wrights thank Acadiana and ask for continued support.

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