College commuters missing out

College freshman that commute five minutes or more to class, are at a disadvantage to students that live on or near campus.

Studies show that commuters are 65% less likely to get involved on in activities on campus. They have less contact with their professors, and do take advantage of opportunities like co-curricular activities and internships; which are crucial in securing a good job after graduation.

Another study at California State University shows that students who don't get involved in on campus activity are more likely to drop out of school all together.

“UL is one of the top ten universities ranked high freshman commutes, which also correlates with their low four year graduation rate, so a lot of people attending the university are not graduating in that four year time period.””

Students are encouraged to consider moving closer to campus. Most off-campus living apartments include the same amenities you would have at home such as cable, internet, a full kitchen, gym and more.

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