LCG acquires land to combat flooding

The Lafayette Consolidated Government helped residents with property prone to flooding; by purchasing tracts of land with federal money. LCG now has land they can't do much with.

The Director of Planning, Zoning and Codes Eleanor Bouy explains that LCG has acquired nine tracts of land through FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Program. “The city just keeps acquiring these rather small parcels, but the problem is the municipalities must have the insurance and keep the property; which is grass cutting and cleaning it,” says Bouy.

Residents who live near the property can now assume responsibility for its upkeep. In exchange, LCG will allow them to use the property for personal use; such as parking space or gardening. “To build another home on it or to build storage sheds or anything that's permanent that would not be allowed.”  

For more information on the Maintenance Agreement Program call LCG Planning, Zoning and Codes at (337) 291-8000. 


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