Parish Health Unit budget request for staff

A reality check of the worse kind. A parish health unit that's having to cut back on services.

Tina Stefanski is the Medical Director and Administrator for the region which includes Lafayette Parish. “For example, on Tuesday we turned away 24 patients seeking services for sexually transmitted diseases and those patients are going to either continue to spread communicable diseases or show up in the emergency department,” says Stefanski.

Stefanski tells the council that it's the same situation for the Women's Health Clinic. “We're having to turn people away or appoint them several months in advance; and we're really not providing the services that we need to those young women,” adds Stenfanski.

The parish health unit sees about 25,000 patients a year; from immunizations to treating infectious diseases. Stefanski wants to use millage dollars to hire five nurses and two clerks. “That would be about $460,000 additional dollars we're requesting be expended from this millage.”

Next week is the public's chance to comment on the budgets that have been presented to the council. The Citizen's Input Hearing is scheduled for Thursday, August 29 at 5:30pm.

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