Council looks to revive junked vehicle law

“They're being used for storage capacity with boxes and other things in them,” says City Parish Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux.

Councilman Boudreaux says the proposed junked vehicle law would apply to out of commission vehicles; such as vehicles that are on cinder blocks, the engine and tires are gone. “We're not talking about a 1968 Corvette that's going to be restored to a $100,000 value one day. We're talking vehicles that are inoperative; no intent to do anything with. A very significant part of it is that they've been sitting there with no activity for years,” explains Boudreaux.

Boudreaux adds that what made the law unconstitutional was not everyone can store a vehicle and put it out of view. Giving people with storage capabilities one up on those without. Boudreaux says the motivation to revive the ordinance is community driven.

“It came from the people. This is an example of government trying to respond to the commands of what people want. So, for the individual who constantly has to pass these vehicles each and every day to and from work or shopping or school; and they're saying why should I be subjected to this eyesore.”

City parish attorney Mike Hebert is said to be working on setting up the adjudication process. Boudreaux explains that's full enforcement of the law. “How does a person with cited for a junk vehicle get their due process. That's the final little wrinkle that needs to be ironed out. That's what I have requested the administration to consider and come up with a plan for. So, that we can start again the process of cleaning up neighborhoods,” says Boudreaux.

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