Tips help police catch suspects

After receiving tips from the public, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office made two arrests in the investigation of a bike theft and possible child desertion.

The crime occurred Sunday afternoon on August 18, at the Swamp Skate Park. The male and female offenders are seen on video driving into a parking lot. With them is a small child between the ages of four and six. After sitting under a pavilion at the park for about 20 minutes, the man rides off with the victim's bicycle. The woman then drives the SUV to meet the man waiting outside of the park with the bike. At that point in time, the young child is left unattended at the park. The man and woman load the bike in the SUV, return to the park, retrieve the juvenile, and leave the area.

28-year-old Michael Thompson 23-year-old and Amanda Parker both of Morgan City were arrested for theft and child desertion.

After posting pictures and a description of the crime on Facebook, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office received multiple tips from the public regarding Thompson and Parker's identity and whereabouts. The juvenile is currently in the care of a guardian. Thompson and Parker were transported to the parish jail for booking and incarceration. No bond is set.

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