LPSS Superintendent reaches out to the board

“We need to get our act together. We're the adults. I'm willing to take whatever responsibility I need to take. The board needs to take theirs, but the short answer to all of this is that we have to begin to work together,” says LPSS Superintendent in an interview with KLFY News.

In the email, LPSS Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper mentions two workshops that could be held in October. One notes could focus on the past year's progress in the form our an Annual Report to the Board. The other workshop would focus on what's being done to move forward.

Dr. Cooper also requests a general working retreat on the implications and changes brought on by state mandates and other policy revisions. Cooper explains that knowing the rules sets a stronger foundation. “Once we know what the rules are we're all going to be in a better position not to set ourselves up for arguments and extended discussions,” adds Cooper.

Another idea is to have a day long mediation session. He says it could be in a closed setting. Cooper explains that it's about the children and solving whatever could keep them from getting the education they deserve. “It's worthwhile and worth our time to do that. I think the people expect us to act that way. To figure out how to solve the problem as oppose to just continuing to talk about the problems,”

LPSS School board president Shelton Cobb confirms that he received the email. Cobb calls it a constructive move that he hopes will get things back on track.

Plus, Dr. Cooper wants to see them strive to shorten the length of the board meetings by only addressing at the things that cannot be outside of that arena with committee meetings or prior conversations.

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