A mourning town looks ahead

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It's been four days since the Mayor of Erath passed away and while the town is mourning his death, they are also looking at what to do next.

Wednesday afternoon the town lay to rest mayor George Dupuis, who lost his battle with cancer. Mayor Dupuis held that title for the past 10 years and now the town has 20 days from his death to appoint an interim mayor. But because mayor Dupuis still had more than a year left on his third term, a special election will be held during a state election.

According to Erath Alderman John Earl LeBlanc whoever is appointed mayor would serve only until a special election. Then at that time whoever the town elects mayor would hopefully carry on what Mayor Dupuis started.

If aldermen cannot come up with a replacement, then Governor Bobby Jindal will appoint one. Alderman LeBlanc says no one will ever replace Mayor Dupuis but they can continue on his traditions.

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