Neighbors fed up with blighted properties

With three houses unoccupied and un-kept on Francis Street alone, it makes the neighbor a target for people getting rid of furniture, drug activity and the standing waters around the abandoned homes makes it a haven for mosquitoes.

One resident told us, I'm afraid of the West Nile Virus. At night I can't go outside because of the mosquitoes, in the morning if I don't sit outside I have to have a can of bug spray.

But, mosquitoes are smallest of the problems in the neighborhood. another residents says there are much larger pest to deal with.

“We had bunch of rodents, grants, please condemn houses that no one is living in anymore. There's snakes and there's rats and possums, raccoons you name it they got them around here”, said concerned resident, Rico Bertrand.

Environmental Quality Manager, Mark Pope said, “We're going to do what we can, in the law, as quickly as we can, because we understand the frustration of the public of having to look add a rundown overgrown property. We understand that and we move as quickly as the law allows us to.”

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