Signatures adding up to recall police chief

The clock is ticking for residents in Arnaudville to get enough signatures to recall Police Chief Richard Mizzi. And the signatures are adding up by the hundreds, as many feel the Police Department is not fulfilling its duties.

“I think he's starting to realize it's not a bluff and that it's actually really happening,” said petitioner Jamie Huval. “I do know for a fact he was patrolling several areas. But, how do they say, 'too little too late?'”

Going door-to-door has not been easy, but Huval says they're almost there. 294 signatures are required in order to file with the state.

“Our deadline is October 20th. But, it's looking more and more like either this week or next week we'll be at full force,” said Huval.

So how has the petition affected Mizzi? Huval says every day, he's told a different story. And the “For Sale” sign in the front yard of Mizzi's house has created quite the buzz around town. It begs the question will he stay or will he go? So, News 10 called him to find out.

Mizzi said the “For Sale” sign is exactly what it seems-he's moving. But not before he submits his official retirement in the next few weeks, which he says will entitle him to full benefits. And that's one reason why petitioners say it's a race against time. However, Huval is still skeptical.

“I think he's testing the waters to see if we'll stop and we won't,” said Huval. “We've come too far.”

Whether or not Mizzi does follow through with retirement, his term officially ends January 2015.

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