Arnaudville upgrading water system

The town of Arnaudville is currently in the process of upgrading its water system. Their strategy is to take little areas of town, several blocks at a time to install the necessary equipment for improvements.

Arnaudville Utilities Supervisor says, “This is probably the third in a series of improvements to the water system, to take care of some of the dead ends on the waterlines, trying to loop the waterlines in together and improve the fire protection by replacing and adding fire hydrants.”

The water system improvements are not to be confused with the break in services for residents on Hickory Road, Henderson Drive, Connie Drive and Thomassee Road. Residents complained of low water pressure and upon inspection, city workers discovered a water leak. It appeared to be a failure of a gasket in one of the fittings, we finally looked at it a week or so ago, went back this morning to repair it, said Turner.

When water services are temporarily suspended because of repairs, officials suggests that you fill your sinks and bathtubs the day before so you have a little supply of water throughout the day. Some of the residents are not bothered by the break, and are happy that something is being done to solve the problem.

Once services resume, a boil advisory will be in affect until The Department of Health and Hospitals rules it safe to drink.

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