Lafayette man arrested for defacing 9/11 monument

Lafayette police have arrested Salvador Perez, the man in connection with defacing the 9/11 memorial in downtown Lafayette. Perez a 35-year-old Lafayette man was charged with criminal damage to a historic building and criminal trespassing.

Lafayette police say they were notified at roughly 8 a.m. about this incident. Upon seeing the monument police found two cardboard planes attached to the beams, which appear to be crashing into them. Police also found a life size rendering of President George Bush in front of the monument. In one hand he is holding a fist full of money, and in the other, a remote control.

Corporal Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department said the monument was not damaged. Mouton says his department is looking at surveillance video trying to identify if others were involved.

The 9/11 monument includes three beams from the world trade center, limestone from the pentagon, and soil from the Shanksville, Pennsylvania, field in which flight 93 crashed.

This remains an ongoing investigation, police are asking if anyone has any information to please police call 232-tips.

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