Schools adapting to new math curriculum

Public schools in Louisiana have adopted a new curriculum for math. Engage New York is a more rigorous approach to learn math strategies. Schools are now following the Common Core State Standard. In order to meet that level of quality, a more in depth curriculum was needed.

Fourth grade teacher, Crystol Hale says, “In the past we focused on many different skills throughout the year, now with the new common core standards we focus on you were skills and we're able to get more in-depth with those skills.”

The new method requires kids to demonstrate a higher level of thinking, and to be able to explain their thought process. This is not only new for students, but for staff members as well.

“It's a challenge but our parish has done a great job with providing professional development for them. They work together here at Evangeline and bounce ideas off of each other. It's different but they are rising to the challenge” said Principal Felise Williams.

Ms. Hale also said they get to participate with partners, with talking out and explaining what they're doing. it's gotten a lot better as we adjusted to the change. I'm seeing a lot of good things with my students, they are really understanding.

Parents that wish to stay up-to-date on the new methods can log onto their parish's website and view informative videos to learn more about the state Common Core Curriculum

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