‘Pimps’ & ‘Mobsters’

A fourth grade homework assignment in Vermilion Parish is raising a few eyebrows, after words like 'pimp' and 'mobster' appeared in some of the literature.

The assignment was provided to a fourth grade class at Eaton Elementary school and meant to reinforce their ability to read “real” world text. The content was describing a real life rapper named Twista who appeared in the group Do or Dies song called Po-pimp. But one mother is outraged after her son began asking questions about that homework assignment.

Brittney Badeaux whose nine year old son attends Eaton said as soon as he came home with that assignment he began asking her what is a pimp. Badeaux says if the assignment called for that type of genre, she would hope they would use a more positive artist and not something so disrespectful.

Vermilion Parish School Superintendent Jerome Puyau said his district did not write the material. The supplemental material was pulled from a national database. Puyau says Vermilion Parish is aligning to the common core state standards and would like to ensure what is provided is appropriate. Puyau says they are constantly looking, editing and willing to change as they go.

According to state policy teachers are allowed to pick their own material. Vermilion Parish teachers do follow that policy but do work with the district to pick appropriate ones.

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