Broussard mayor responds to charter school vote


Broussard Mayor, Charlie Langlinais, issued the following response this afternoon in response to last night's vote by the Lafayette Parish School Board concerning Charter Schools. 

“To say I am disappointed with last night's vote would be an understatement.  The actions at that meeting by the school board representative for Broussard was a prime example of putting politics before people and if that is her definition of leadership, then I hope she seriously considers resigning. My thanks to Mr. Cockerham and Mr. Bouillion for their willingness to stand for moving our parish and the school system forward.  

We are dealing with an overcrowding issue in South Lafayette with no viable solution being offered from the school board.  There won't be a new school built by Lafayette Parish for the 2014-1015 school year and they can't tell me a plan for when there will be a new school built.  I believe in our public school system and think addressing its fundamental issues needs to be one of our parish's top priorities, but while they are burying themselves in bureaucracy, the students are suffering.  I'm not saying charter schools are the final solution, but they are one solution to give our families an option for educating their children.  It is my understanding that the charter schools that were denied last night will now go to BESE and apply for a Type II charter.  If they are granted this option, then the City of Broussard will work with them to identify land to build on and do everything we can to get their doors open.  We need facilities in the southern part of the parish.  Our population is expected to double in the next 10 years and if the LPSB doesn't have the foresight to act quickly and address where this parish is growing, then we will work with organizations that can and will help us.

In addition, both myself and my City Council are willing to support a referendum for building new schools ONLY in Broussard/Youngsville area as a part of a Broussard/Youngsville School District. We don't think that option of the LPSB continuing business as usual is viable and we will not support a parish wide referendum to let the current school board waste new revenue.”

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