Horse crashes into car in Opelousas

Around noon on Wednesday, two men were seen what appeared to be racing their horses down Union St. in Opelousas. Ignoring a stop sign, one of the riders collided with the side of a minivan and the horses headed shattered the rear door window.

Sergeant Jody White of the Opelousas Police Department said, “The horse had already left the scene along with his rider, and we found a vehicle with extensive damage at the scene.”

Along with the damage, police also discovered hair and blood on the van, which they believe belonged to the horse. There are no leads at this time but officials are searching surrounding areas where several horses reside.

The City of Opelousas adapted a horse ordinance in which horses are no longer to be ridden on the streets within the city limits of Opelousas without a special permit from the city, said Sergeant White.

Both riders were in direct violation of the city ordinance. The one that crashed into the van may face charges of property damage, leaving the scene of an accident and other various traffic violations.

If anyone knows of anybody riding horses illegally in the city limits they should contact the Opelousas Police Department at 948-2500. If anyone observed a horse in a yard or a field somewhere and it seems it has significant injuries, this may be the horse they are looking for, please call.

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