Common Core draws ire at meeting

One of our  Vermilion Parish viewers contacted TIP10 on Wednesday outraged that her 9-year-old son wanted to know the meaning of a “pimp” or “mobster.”—words that were part of his homework assignment.

The next day over three dozen parents and teachers showed up at the school board meeting on Thursday to voice their concerns about the incident.

Superintendent Jerome Puyau apologized at the meeting for the worksheet sent home with multiple fourth grade classes, twice, which referenced a rapper named Twista and a song called “Po-pimp.”

“It slipped and I take full responsibility. It won't happen again and we will do everything we can do to educate our teachers and to make sure they are looking through and we will work together as a team to ensure what materials we are sending home is appropriate for our students,” says Puyau.

 Superintendent Puyau says their curriculum department has pulled all Common Core supplemental worksheets (where the controversial worksheet originated) for a top to bottom review.

“I feel better, but I'm not satisfied. I think we're heading as a parish in the right direction,” says parent Pamela Gyles.

“I'm very satisfied with the outcome,” says parent Brittney Badeaux.

“I have a little bit of hope. At least our school board is trying to be proactive,” says parent Bianca Short.

Every audience member who spoke, however, expressed little hope in the statewide Common Core curriculum, which has essential made lesson plans and tests identical for every grade level in Louisiana public schools.

There was no outward support for Common Core at the meeting.

Some audience members stood up and expressed their negative feelings towards Common Core and the politicians that supported it. Others vowed to rally together and get it repealed.   

“Everybody was talking about maybe making groups or you know some kind of organization,” says Badeaux.   

“I plan on emailing and calling our representatives and taking the necessary steps for the betterment of our children,” says Short.

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