Dozens speak out against common core standards

Dozens packed into the Vermilion Parish Library in Abbeville on Tuesday to confront BESE board member Holly Boffy over common core standards. Parents and family members of students enrolled in parish public schools spoke out against the standards and it's materials approved by the state.

Leading the question and answer session was parent Lori Duhon, who rejected the language used in the books approved by the state among other issues she has with common core.

“Contain the tales of incest rape themes of manliness proven through violence and the abuse of women,” said Duhon.

“The high school students have very inappropriate content in their books sexual content and things like that concerns me,” adds Duhon.

But Boffy defended common core in front of the more than one hundred attendees packed into a parish library room in Abbeville.

“You see that when the standards were first introduced you get this bump in terms of advancement in the kids from the first year on.” said Boffy.

Boffy says common core standards are just that standards and it's up to the school districts to customize their curriculum.

“There's a lot of teachers out these who would of preferred we hand them a curriculum for the common core but philosophically I don't think that's what we should do for our kids.” said Boffy.

Taylor Manceaux is studying to become a teacher at UL Lafayette and says this meeting brought up anxieties about her chosen profession.

“I'm very concerned and the more they talk about the more concerned I get.” said Manceaux.

Trisha Foreman says she came to represent her third grader who is struggling under common core.

“He's always been a straight 'A' student and he's literally failing so were concerned they keep promoting this is for college but he probably wont go to college.” said Foreman

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