Health care reform: What to expect

In less than a week, open enrollment for health insurance will begin for all Americans. It's a mandatory requirement and signifies one of the biggest changes in the healthcare system. So what can people expect in the coming months? That's the million dollar question.

“There's more unknown than known particularly until the act is fully implemented,” said Jared Stark, the CEO of University Hospital and Clinics.

He says the Affordable Care Act is so broad and keeps changing that the immediate effects are unclear.

“Dates keep moving, delays keep happening, funding is in question. So, it seems to be a moving target at times,” said Stark.

One of the major issues with the bill is the volume. It's over 2,000 pages long, so it's very difficult to muddle through the details and stipulations.”

Critics say the bill will force health insurance deductibles to go up and burden the healthy with a bulk of the financial responsibility. There's also concern doctors will pick and choose patients based on their plans. Stark says consequences of this legislation remain to be seen, but UHC will be standing by.

“The one thing we do know is this hospital has been Acadiana's safety net hospital for so many years in the past,” said Stark. “And we will continue to provide that sort of care in the future.”

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