Common Core flusters Vermilion Parish parents

As of 2013, Louisiana adopted a new curriculum, Common Core. A little over a month into the school year, it's been negative for some and average for others. Vermilion Parish parent, Karen Price says, “I'm very blessed that he (her son) very rarely comes to me for help. He can do it, he can figure it out, but he struggles, he's not perfect.

Officials tell us that this was supposed to be a transitional year to the common core curriculum. “If we would've had the time that was necessary for teachers and parents and especially students to be successful. But our state decided last minute that this was no longer need transitional year” said Vermilion Parish School Board Superintendent, Jerome Puyau.

Some students who already had difficulty, are now being put at even more of a disadvantage. Cheryl Trahan, who has a special needs son said, “This year so far he struggles to make even a C in class. He has a resource teacher trying really hard to help him.”

But, even some teachers are having trouble grasping the new system. We are actually working with our teachers right now. We have theater systems at one of our schools right now. Teachers are grouping together to identify the needs and how we as a district Can work with those teachers to ensure students are successful.

Identifying the needs and we are making changes said Superintendent Puyau. Superintendent Piyo says he has a team creating videos so that students and parents will be able to see how a problem should be completed.

There is also an address on the school board website that links to a framework for parents to view what is being taught in class that week.

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