Oilfield company breaks ground on new facility in Duson

Steve Hardwick is the president of Swire Oilfied Services. Hardwick says as the company begins construction, safety will be number one. “It doesn't matter what we do for a living or what kind of products and services Swire is involved in or selling at any given time. We got to do it in a way that protects our employees and protects our environment,” says Hardwick.

The facility along Interstate 10 and Highway 1096 will require a workforce. The plan is to hire about 20 to 30 people at first. Hardwick says ultimately hiring could move into the hundreds. “So, that process will go out over the next year of two as well,” adds Hardwick.

Duson Mayor Johnny Thibodeaux says it's not by chance that an international group picked Duson. The mayor gives credit to teamwork that included both Lafayette and Acadia Parishes. “We got other projects that we're doing. This is the start of something real big and we're very fortunate,” says Mayor Thibodeaux.

“It's going to be a fabulous thing for everyone here in Acadia Parish and Lafayette Parish. It benefits Lafayette also. It's not just Acadia. It's everybody,” says Acadia Parish Police Juror A.J.Credeur.

Lafayette Consolidated President Joey Durel was invited to speak at the groundbreaking. Durel explained the key here is that an international company has selected this region. Durel explains everyone stands to gain. “We had a little discussion before this started. Are you in Lafayette Parish or Acadia Parish? As a politician I guess I shouldn't say this, I really don't care cause you're here,” says Durel.

“Gives an economic boost that Acadia Parish and Duson they so rightly deserve,” adds State Senator Johnathan Perry – District 26.

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