OPD relaunches Deputy Marshal investigation

Once again Opelousas Police are looking into battery allegations made against Opelousas Deputy Marshal Frank Angelle.

City police conducted an investigation last month following allegations Deputy Angelle used unnecessary force on 16-year-old Alexis Ahart that required her to seek medical treatment for a sprained wrist.

Chief Perry Gallow tells News 10 more witnesses have come forward, witnesses who are now saying they were never interviewed the first time around.

Earlier this month Angelle was cleared of battery charges, but now the same investigating agency is re-opening the case.
“(Re-opening the case) based on information, names of possible or potential witnesses he brought to us,” says Gallow.

Ahart accused Angelle of spraining her wrist during an altercation inside an Opelousas residence.

An investigation by the police department followed, and Gallow says all of the witnesses on the victim's report were contacted.

“As far as I know, yes,” says Gallow.

Neighbor Douglas Collins says he saw the whole incident play out through the Ahart's open front door. He says, however, he was never contacted by the Opelousas Police Department even though he was listed on the victim's statement.

“After I found out everything and that they closed it, then I took it upon myself to go over there and make a statement,” says Collins.

Michael Ahart, Alexis Ahart's father, says he spoke with state police after the city police department cleared Angelle of the battery charges, he says they didn't see it as an open and shut case.

“They said that Opelousas Police Department requested to handle the investigation and they were going to let it transpire through Opelousas Police Department,” says Ahart.

Gallow says state police never launched an investigation.

“The investigation had never gone to the state police. I met with the state police and we discussed the information regarding the case,” says Gallow.

But City Marshal Paul Mouton says state police did conduct an investigation and cleared Angelle just like the police department.

“The state police did an investigation and found him clear he didn't break no office policies at all and as far as I'm concerned this investigation is over,” says Mouton.

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