Iberia Levee funding in Council’s hands

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Funding this year for the Iberia Parish's levee district is now in the hands of the parish council.

Finance Committee member David Ditch wouldn't vote to put $50,000 towards the levee district during a Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday, because voters were against funding it in April.

Three other member of the committee sided with Ditch, so now the council will be voting without the committee's support.

Although residents in the parish have already voted down funding for the levee district, committee member Troy Comeaux says he's sure businesses will get behind an ordinance from the council.

“You will see more people getting involved as we stated tonight there are some groups in Iberia Parish, businesses that are interested in seeing more discussion and more opportunity to protect our coast and our economic impact,” says Comeaux.

Comeaux voted to take the $50,000 from the parish royalty fund and put it towards the levee, which he says could be generously matched with state funds.

“(It could be a) $500,000 or a $250,000 grant—somewhere in that vicinity,” says Comeaux.
Ditch says as far as he's concerned levee district funding for this year was killed by Parish President Errol “Romo” Romero after he vetoed a council resolution on Monday to ask voters to use four different milages to fund it.

“That was the last chance in my opinion to get something done in the short term for the levee, now that the parish president single handedly took it upon himself to veto this resolution and take the people's right to vote away from them,” says Ditch.

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