LPSS picks healthcare provider

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Blue Cross Blue Shield or Key Benefit Administrators?   The board attorney said that the Lafayette Parish School Board can start the bidding process over. Instead, the board voted Wednesday and approved KBA as the districts new third party administrator. “I know a lot of single mothers that are teaching in this parish that only covers one person; just them.  They do not have enough to cover their children.  I think that's unfortunate; and it's the only option that has ever been put on the table where we can lower premiums,” says board member Mark Cockerham.

The bid is said to offer up to an $8 million savings over the district's current administrator, BCBS. A savings board member Dr. Hunter Beasley sees as a benefit.  “For an employee of the Lafayette Parish School System it's basically an $800 to $1,000 raise. That's a pretty good deal,” adds Beasley.

The vote of 5-4 approved KBA. The new insurance begins January 1, 2014.  Board member Kermit Bouillion supports KBA and explains why.  “You're the one that pays the premiums every time you go to the stores.  Do we want to be prudent?  Do we want to be doing the things that we were elected to do?” says Bouillion. 

Also the board discussed ideas for spending an $8 million surplus. The superintendent suggested some technology upgrades and tools for classroom teaching. Board Member Rae Trahan says let's focus on building schools.

The board also approved bonuses for some employees and a one-time paycheck for teachers and others identified by the board.

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