Sen. Guillory denies involvement in Guidroz suit

State Senator Elbert Guillory says he never represented Janice Goudeau-Ardoin, who was seeking damages from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office for what she says was a shotty investigation into her mother's death. 

“I did not represent her at that time. I did not participate in the filing of the lawsuit against the sheriff,” says Guillory.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Ardoin's mother, 85-year-old Louisiana Goudeau, allegedly committed suicide with a gunshot to the chest. But, Ardoin says it was a homicide and says she and Guillory filed suit against Sheriff Bobby Guidroz in 2008.

“I'm not a lawyer and that's why I was looking for a lawyer. That's why I had him and I just trusted him and I had thought that he filed against Bobby,” says Ardoin.

But, according to court documents with Ardoin's signature, she filed for damages against Guidroz on November 2008. And according to the judgment in the case, it was thrown out the following January.

“They told me that I lost the case. That I didn't show up. I didn't know anything about showing up,” says Ardoin.

She says Guillory set the court date without her knowing and lost the case when nobody showed up to court.

“I never would have sought an attorney, if I was going to represent myself,” says Ardoin.

Q: Did she ever contact you about this?

Guillory: She did not.

Guillory says he found about her case against Guidroz after he took another case of hers in March 2009; against Lafond-Ardoin funeral home.

“She told me about the case, it wasn't relevant to what we were doing,” says Guillory.

Ardoin says she filed suit against the funeral home for cremating her mother before she could get an autopsy. According to court documents, Guillory enrolled as her attorney for her case against the funeral home on March 20, 2009; more than two months after her case against Guidroz was thrown out.

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