Delay for Bayou Amy boat launch

Weather permitting, Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette says the city's new  boat launch should be open by early December.

“What took a while was the ordering of the dirt. We had approximately 500 loads of dirt hauled here,” says Collette.

Collette says they are building the boat launch, bathrooms and educational pavilion with over $600,000 of state and federal funding. Federal funding that would not come without a higher elevation.

“We are actually higher than sea level here, so there's no problem, but it's the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) funds (which are federal funds), where everything has to be to spec. And that's my understanding, why they pulled so much dirt. It's going to be much nicer, but that's what delayed the project a little bit,” says Collette.

Tons of cement has been laid down for the boat ramp going out to Bayou Amy and in three weeks construction will begin on the educational pavilion and bathrooms that will be built closer to Henderson Levee Road.

“We have no public boat ramp in our area,” says Collette.

So, Collette says the complex will not only serve the needs of local fishermen, but will boost tourism and the economy.

“A lot of tourists are going to be using this probably as much as the boaters, because there will be an educational pavilion and there will be stories and things happening in the area we'll have bulletins on,” says Collette.

Collette says with a smile, tourists with lots of money to spend downtown.

“There's a possibility it could bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in over time,” says Collette.  

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