Vote jeopardizes school expansion

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The mayor of Youngsville isn't very happy over a recent vote by the Lafayette Consolidated Council.

During Tuesday night's council meeting six councilmen voted against an ordinance that would shift control of Youngsville's Foster Park from the parish to the city of Youngsville. The move was designed to facilitate the planned expansion of Green T. Lindon, a school designed for roughly three hundred students that currently has almost nine hundred students.

Many of the council members said they nixed the measure because there wasn't specific language in the ordinance to ensure the remainder of the park would remain for recreational use. Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator says after he heard about the vote, he called council members and told them how disappointed he was with the outcome.

That they were worried about children not having a baseball field, but now they don't have a school. Viator says the council should have asked questions about future land use because if they did they would know most of the park would remain as it stands today and will be available to the Broussard/ Youngsville Youth Association as it has been for years.

Bids for Green T Lindon's expansion project were set to go out in two weeks. But without the land, that project can't move forward. Mayor Viator is working to bring that ordinance back to the council for another vote.

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