Frequent accidents along road in Breaux Bridge

A Breaux Bridge family is left picking up the pieces after a car veers off the road and straight into their front porch.

The Pellerin's, who live along South Main Street, say their house shook early Sunday morning. Upon investigating they found a car in their yard, inches away from their bedroom. Although shaken up, they say this is an all too familiar sight on their street.

According to Kimberly Perllerin several cars have ended up in her and her neighbor's yards within the past year. Kimberly goes on to say that she is scared for her child's safety and would like something done, whether it is signage asking people to slow down or some kind of guard rail along that area.

Since South Main Street is located along LA-31, a state highway, the mayor's office said they will contact the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) to investigate and correct the continuous problem.

So far no injuries have been caused by all the accidents.

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