UL Lafayette Engineering Department

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is among the elite when it comes to producing engineers. More specifically the petroleum engineering department which has more than tripled its number of undergrads since 2007.

William Chirdon, an Engineering Professor said “We make sure they have hands-on experience with equipment. We make sure that they have good software skills to make sure they're able to communicate in written communications and presentations orally.”

Although the courses are challenging, the advantages of pursuing an engineering degree here, are countless. “It's tough, you know? But like I said we've only been in school for this semester almost 2 months, and I've learned more in the past two months than I have my entire college career, even at other colleges” says Christopher Simon, Mechanical Engineering Major.

Professors told us that it's deeply rooted in the university's history for graduates to enter the work force almost immediately following graduation.

Stephen Dufreche, Engineering Professor said, “Most of our students actually almost 95% have at least one offer by the time they graduate rest of them usually find a job before the summer is out. We have a great reputation and history, our students are very hard-working and it's a great place to come and learn.”

Chemical Engineering major, Lauren Meaux is in agreement. “I feel like the education I'm receiving here is really preparing me for anything that I might face in the future. Whether it's plant work, research and development or even design.”

The university also host its annual engineering and technology week during the spring semester. All those interested in the engineering field are welcome.

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