Freeze Cloths

Gary:  it won't be long before the really cold weather is here.  How do you protect your plants? John says there's one simple way.  Check this out.

John:  Yes, it's a real light cloth you cover your plants with.  You can anchor them down with these pins that we have or some people use bricks or whatever.  Any frost we have, it fixes it up, you're not gonna have a problem.  It also takes care of freezing, but if it gets to twenty degrees I don't know if it'd go that far, but twenty-eight degrees, twenty-five degrees, yeah! It'll take care of it.  As long as you wrap it good to the ground. 

The ground is where you get your heat so you wanna go to the ground with it and keep it sealed.  It'll keep it warm so you don't have any freezing problems.

The great thing about this product is that it breaths. Water will go through it, so you don't necessarily have to take it off like you would visquine or something because you'll burn up your plants with that.  Not this, you can actually leave it on.  If it was a big tree and a lot of trouble to put on.  It is probably best to take it off though, because otherwise you're not getting enough sun. It does let some light in and also water.

Great product.  It can protect your plants that are not as tough as some.  Some of the annuals and things like that, some people have hibiscus, you can cover them with this.  Some people cover them underneath their carport so they'll be well protected that way.

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