New video surfaces of North Central fighting

North Central High Principal, Reginald Bush, says there isn't a bullying problem at his school.

“We have fights like any other school has fights,” says Bush.

But, parent Christine Vaughn says a video, taken during an altercation, shows otherwise.

Vaughn says a young man wearing a dark colored sweatshirt in the video is her 12-year-old son,  Wade, who's attempting to walk away from his alleged attacker, fellow Central High student, 15-year-old De'Quavious.

“I think that was a form of bullying, because my son walks off and does not want to fight. If you continue to punch them that is a form of bullying,” says Vaughn.

According to the behavior report from the incident, De'Quavious is now facing expulsion following the altercation on school grounds on October 28. But nothing in the report indicates he was bullying Wade.

Principal Bush says he made the recommendation for expulsion, though he was not legally able to share with us the specifics for his decision.

“Disciplinary actions will be taken, according to the St. Landry School Board policy and the policy here at North Central High School,” says Bush.

In a separate incident on October 22, a video exclusively given to KLFY, led to the suspension of two North Central students, including Daffine McKnight's son.

McKnight says her 12-year-old son was provoked by a bully.

“He was being bullied the week before and if the teacher would have handled it the week before we wouldn't have gotten that far,” says McKnight.

But, Bush says before the fights broke out, there were no reports of bullying in either case.

“When we investigated it's a one-time occurrence.  They have different definitions of bullying, where it's repetitive nature and these were one time occurrences,” says Bush.

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