LGMC continues expansion project

Lafayette General Medical Center continues its expansion project. Thursday afternoon they offered a guided tour to view the new facilities in progress.

“The purpose of the expansion is to better serve the community. We needed a larger emergency department to better care for a growing census in the emergency department.” said Marie Lukaszesky.

And on top of that growing census, the hospital now host residents.

“The residency program started here at Lafayette General. when we started managing University Hospital clinics, the old UMC. So now we do have a residence inside of our hospital and we are considered a teaching facility.” said Lukaszesky.

Now, with more room to train residents, two new trauma rooms will also be added so that a higher number of patients can be treated in the facility.

“The surgical platform also needed to be upgraded and expanded. We're moving from about 20,000 ft. to the neighborhood of about 45,000 ft. platform.” said Lukaszesky.

As for the exterior, you may have noticed the wave like wall on the corner of the hospital. We're told it was designed with fluidity to allow a smoother turn from South College to Coolidge.

“We are very excited to be able to serve the community and this project is going to just send us right into the future.” said Lukaszesky.

The estimated cost of this project is about $53 million and is expected to be complete by April 2014.

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