LPSS policy breach?

Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper says serious mistakes have been made by the Lafayette Parish School Board.

Dr. Cooper is referring to the board's six to three vote to dismiss the district attorney's office as its legal counsel. Superintendent Cooper said the D.A.'s office provided legal services for free and without them the school system is left paying for those services.

Since the board has a policy in place stating the D.A. acts as counsel for the school system, Cooper is questioning if their vote was legal.

“They didn't change that policy but they went ahead and relieved the D.A. so they are in conflict of their own policy and there are consequences to that.” said Cooper.

School board member Gregory Awbrey, who voted to dismiss the D.A's office, said “it's not really an issue. At very best it would have been 2 more weeks before that policy would have been revised anyways. So it's not really a valid argument.”

Awbrey said he voted the way he did because the D.A.'s office was not providing good, quality advice.

“When you're getting bad advice, it doesn't matter if it's free or not you're going to pay more in the long run” said Awbrey.

“To me that's the shame of the matter that some board members stand up in their conservative stance and say they want to spend money the right way and they don't want to waste money and in one swoop they are going to waste a lot of money for political reasons” said Cooper.

Superintendent Cooper says his next step will be talking with the D.A.'s office to get their opinion on the vote.

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