Local connection to JFK

Just about everyone who remembers that fateful day in Dallas when President Kennedy was shot remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news.

At the time Genie Gremillion Summers of Abbeville was twenty one and working at Tulane University. That's when someone rushed into her office and said four words so many others uttered that day, “the presidents been shot”.

But for Genie President Kennedy wasn't just a face on TV or in magazines. He was the man who called her a beautiful young woman while she was visiting the White House. During that meet and greet Genie shook his hand twice while wearing her white gloves.

When she got back to Louisiana she decided she wasn't going to wash the gloves because they had what she called ‘Kennedy on them”. 

That's when she put them into her photo album where they've been ever since. Genie said the day Kennedy died, so did a piece of this country.


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