The art of Black Friday shopping

Domenique Ramour, of Iota, has been Black Friday shopping for the past three years and says it's an art with a lot of room for rookie mistakes.

“They [rookies] don't have a list. They don't look at the sales before the Thursday. They talk on their phones and play on their phones and are completely unaware and unprepared,” says Ramour.

Ramour says every Toys 'R' Us purchase in her cart was premeditated and there was no time for browsing.

“I've been looking at the sales for a week. I made a list of the prices, the name of it and have it all written down,” says Ramour.

Natalie Hidalgo, of Youngsville, is a seven year veteran of Black Friday shopping and says sometimes it gets physical.

“It's insane. It's a lot of tuck and roll. Cover your head. Dive for the toy that you need. It's very serious business,” says Hidalgo.

That's why Ryan Gardner, of Lafayette, says he made sure he was first in line for Toys 'R' Us to open at 5 p.m. on Thursday. He had been camping outside the store's entrance since 11 p.m. on Wednesday, but says that came at a price.

“It was cold, very cold,” says Gardner.

But, Kaci Lanerie, of Cecilia, says that was to be expected.

“We came more prepared, we froze last year…(this year) I have a scarf,” says Lanerie.  

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