Scott: 60 percent jump in Small Business Saturday shops

Annie Taylor, owner of Leona Sue's flower shop in Scott, is slashing her prices to encourage her customers to shop local on Saturday for Small Business Saturday.

“We'll have a sale tomorrow, 25 percent off in the store,” says Taylor.

Small Business Saturday, a day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is meant to divert holiday shoppers away from large chain stores and into local shops across the country, which she says, in turn, creates long term incentives for customers.

“When you come to us for year book ads for your local high school or you need a donation or you need support for something you have going on then we as a business are able to give that back to the community. We are not only able to give that back in the form of tax dollars, but supporting your little league…you help us to make money we can spend it in the community,” says Taylor.

According to American Express, millions of consumers spent about $5.5 billion across the country on Small Business Saturday in 2012. Taylor, also a member of the Scott Business Association, says there were only four merchants in Scott participating last year, compared with ten this year, which is an increase she says that is partially due to her success.

Taylor says her shop saw a 40 percent increase in sales last small business Saturday, compared with the Saturday before Thanksgiving the year before.

But, she says some benefits of shopping local—Saturday and throughout the year—can't be bought or sold.

“The difference between our shop and a large store is the personal service. We care about our customers. We're here to build relationships to keep you coming back and to remind you that we may have specialty items that maybe the large stores don't have,” says Taylor. 

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