Boyfriend attacks handicapped girlfriend

At 0431 on 4 December 2013, the accused, Gary R. Squires and his girlfriend got into a verbal altercation which turned physical at a residence located 120 Des Jacques Lot 12. The accused fled on foot prior to officers' arrival. Later that morning, officers received word that Mr. Squires was at his place of employment (Pizza Palace).

Squires was located and transported to the Scott Police Department. Squires was read his Miranda warning by card and asked to explain what transpired. He admitted to striking his wheelchair bound girlfriend a multitude of times (15-20 strikes) during the course of the physical altercation.

He stated they were both intoxicated and he tried to defend himself from her attack. It was observed that he sustained an injury to his right hand. The girlfriend sustained a broken rib and a fractured eye socket along with various contusions to her facial area.

Squires also supplied officers with a written statement which coincided with his verbal confession. Upon conclusion of the investigation, Squires was placed under arrest for the above mentioned charge.

Suspect(s) Information
Date: 04 December 2013 Time: 1156 Location of Incident: 120 Des Jacques Lot 12
Last Name: Squires First Name: Gary Middle: Robert
Age: 38 City: Scott State: LA
1. Second Degree Battery (Domestic Violence)

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