Mall’s coin fountain collection going to charities

For 20 years, the coin fountain at Acadiana Mall was the wishing well to countless believers. It's now gone, but those wishes have turned into thousands of dollars.

“When the numbers were all tallied, we had almost $5,500 in change,” said General Manager Bryan LeBlanc.

He says that total is a collection from the past two years and much of the change was fished out and stored in containers. He also says it wasn't easy to find a way to count all those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

“When we removed it, we found all this change. And it's not an easy process to donate all that change,” said LeBlanc. “It's in bad shape. You can't just walk into a bank and say here's a bunch of change.” 

Luckily, coin-counting company Coinstar offered their services, free of charge. So, what will the mall do with all that money? That's where you come in. They're holding a contest for the community to decide what charities will receive a cut. And since it's the season of giving, that means the more the merrier. Three charities will be chosen. It's part of the mall's “Give More, Change More” campaign.

“The wish is giving back and we're going to take three charitable donations and the community is the one who put the money in the well, so we're going to give it back to the community,” said LeBlanc.

Nominations will be accepted through December 31st. Winners will be announced sometime in January. To vote, you can visit or visit their Facebook page.

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