Youngsville police chief upset at mayor

The mayor of Youngsville is taking some heat after he reportedly refused paying over seven thousand dollars in bills from four different vendors.   

According to Youngsville police Chief Earl Menard, during Thursday night's city council meeting Mayor Wilson Viator admitted to authorizing dozens of invoices from the police chief be pulled and left unpaid. The invoices were for routine services at the police station. Viator's reason?  According to the chief, it's because they weren't done by local vendors.

Chief Menard said if the bills were left unpaid then those outside businesses wouldn't provide service to Youngsville, forcing Chief Menard to use local businesses. Menard said some bills date back to June and the whole time Menard said he thought the bills were being paid. Youngsville City councilman Tim Barbier said the mayor had good intentions and was just trying to bring business to Youngsville.

But as the end of the day those businesses that provided a service to Youngsville need to be paid. When the city council heard of the situation they promptly passed a motion unanimously to pay the vendors. We did reach out to Mayor Wilson Viator but he declined an interview.


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