Local sports bars to be busy during bowl game

Sports bars, each with their own unique entertainment and decor have become the second most popular way for people to view live sporting events. Second only to watching them in persona and its not hard to see why.

With a wide variety of inviting surroundings to choose from patrons can enjoy watching the game on multiple large plasma screens with a great view of the action while cheering on their team surrounded by large groups of like minded fans.

And the best part about watching the game at a sports bar is not having to tear yourself away from the action to make a trip to the kitchen.

Regardless of where you go, rest assured there will be plenty of friendly waitresses and bartenders to bring you whatever you want to eat and drink so you don't have to miss a single second of the action unless of course you want to. Case in point.

With 60 different beers on tap and menu items like the onion mountain and boom boom shrimp, there's something at Walk-On's to please just about everyone's taste buds

“The restaurant is always packed so you have to get ready for anything coming at you.” said Amber Linczen.

If you're a wing lover then Buffalo Wild Wings may be the place for you this Saturday.

Wings come served up here smothered in no fewer than 16 different sauces and five different seasonings so you can be sure there is one that will appeal to everyone's appetite.

According to the restaurant's manager, if last years New Orleans Bowl crowd is any indicator this Saturday's crowd will be another big and loud one.

“We were packed. We had a lot of guys glued to the big screens. We are always busy on game days but when you have a local game on the place kind of turns into a giant arena and things really get loud.” said Buffalo Wild Wings manager Rick Roy.

If you're more of a seafood lover then Hooters may be your best bet for a game day destination.

The lovely ladies here can help you choose from a variety of dishes including grilled mahi, oysters on the half shell, steamed clams, shrimp and snow crabs legs. All served up Hooters style.

“We have the genuine atmosphere here, huge TV's everywhere and genuine Hooters girls.” said Hooters manager Kylar Hebert.

Where ever you go make sure you get there early so you can get a good seat and be ready to help cheer the Cajuns on to victory.

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